The Avocado Rule 🥑

I have to admit, I have a problem that has a little bit to do with seeking perfection and I’m currently working on that. This problem wears different hats that get it labeled as “over-thinking”, “over-planning”, or “over-researching”. As an attempt to solve this I decided to create a sort of an intervention rule to pull me out of the spiral once I’m aware of it.

As I try to fix this, I was chatting with a dear friend (who’s also an expert in naming things) about this problem consulting here about how and she mentioned effortlessly:

call it Avocado.

An 🥑 is a reminder that “real life” is all about the small joy/details. It will go rotten if you overthink it. unripe if you haste to eat it.

I loved it, with its whole simplicity and how metaphorically it describes the situation. (+ I love avocados). Since then I’ve started to notice more of my over- 🧠ing habits. Allowing my self to think only the proportion that matches the problem. However, It takes time, experience, and wisdom to recognize the right size of that avocado to slice it open.

Too early, too late, whatever the result. Enjoy it to your best effort – then move on.


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