The Nature of Science

Today’s dominant thought came from reading a beautiful gym by Carlo Rovelli a book called Seven Brief Lessons on Physics. Devouring the 80-page book, 12 pages a day, one lesson at a time.

This book is plentiful of transformative ideas and explanations that changed the way I see the world—putting it back on the shelf with a deep desire to be reading again.

However, before doing so, I need to pin here one favorite quote that I have highlighted, among many, and got my brain wandering for the rest of the day.

This quote comes in the final lesson, in a context where the author is closing on the previous six-lesson with a focus on ourselves (humans) and the way we observe the world through scientific discoveries.

… In the awareness that we can always be wrong, and therefore ready at any moment to change direction if a new track appears; but also knowing that if we are good enough, we will get it right and will find what we are seeking. This is the nature of science. 1 #

This idea, in my mind, does not only describe the nature of science as Rovelli puts it. But also the state of any intellectual being striving to become a better human.

  1. Carlo Rovelli, Seven Brief Lessons on Physics, Page 67 


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