The Three Zones of Reality

This nugget kept processing in my head from listening to this morning to a great conversation on The Knowledge Project titled – Alive Time vs. Dead Time with Robert Greene here is a summary of this idea.

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“The greatest power any human can have is the power to ask questions” #

Ask questions about yourself – Why do you like what you like? This isn’t something we usually think to ask.
When we do this – “We uncover a little bit of the reality about ourselves, and the power of that is immense”

“Know thy self” #

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Reality is also understanding other people #

“You can be married to someone for 30-40 years, and you might not even know them”

“The other people in your life are just projections of your own emotions”

  • STOP – think about them, try not to project, try to get inside someone’s skin, and understand things from their point of view
  • Then, you’ll be ever so slightly connected to their reality
  • “Empathy is an immense human potential that people rarely tap into”

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Reality is also about the culture we’re living in #

“If you don’t understand the times we’re living in, it’s very hard to create the book or business that taps into where people are right now”


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