The places that shape you

One of the most recurring thoughts, or self-questioning, I’ve been pondering about lately, after about two years of unsettlement and Vagabonding, and an urge to be grounded. A question came in the following form: *where do I want to live? Why certain places inspire me to become the best self, while others drain the energy out of me, forcing me into what I call *mental survival mode.

This post (thought) was triggered to be written (frozen) here, after listening to one of my seasonal inspirations, Jan Chipchase, during today’s run on an interview with him on The Service Design Show.

I’ll leave you with the conclusion of this episode, where Jan asks this question in a 45-seconds segment. That left me thinking about it again for the rest of the run. And beyond.

If you could be based out of anywhere, where you be based at? And why? – If you are not there already, why? #

Because so much of what shapes us, as designers, and who we are, is the environment in which we are in. And as a rule of thumb, for me, it has to be a place that I am inspired by.

And If I’m not inspired anymore, then I have to move on.


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